Why L.A. Care Covered™?

L.A. Care is L.A.’s largest public health plan that’s been helping L.A. County residents get affordable coverage for the past 20 years. That’s why 1 in 5 Angelenos like you are covered by us. We are the only plan created specifically with you in mind. This is quality health insurance for Angelenos, by Angelenos. We’re not just a card in your pocket. We’re your wings – to help you rise to a healthier place.

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Whether you’re leaving your parents’ insurance plan, starting your own family or moving into a new phase of life, L.A. Care Covered™ offers a plan to meet your needs. Our eight different plans provide a wide range of coverage – all of which includes no-cost preventive and wellness care.
People talk about the Affordable Care Act, but what does it mean for you? Our experts speak to you in your language and will help you select the best option for you and your family.
Our extensive network of doctors, specialists, hospitals and pharmacies means you can get quality care where you live, work or play.